Slack-packing in Northern Spain

El Camino de Santiago made simple

Come and discover what is possibly one of Europe’s best kept secrets, with leisurely hikes and slack-packing along the north coast of Spain.

Asturias, in Northern Spain, boasts a great cultural wealth, where visitors can discover age-old customs and ways of life in unspoilt places well off the beaten tourist routes. Not too long ago Asturias was little known by walkers and hikers. But all of that is changing and the region is beginning to be regarded as one of the best spots in Europe for both relaxing scenic strolls and more challenging mountain hikes. You will also find everything in between.

Not keen on the idea of lugging a heavy pack? No problemo – we take care of transporting your luggage to your next evening’s accommodation. All you need is a small light day pack for water and food, a towel, etc’.

BengaAsturias offers both coastal and mountain slack-packing hikes that cater to different tastes and levels of fitness in one of most beautiful regions of Europe.

Located west of Bilbao in Northern Spain, Asturias is wedged between the Cantabrian Sea and the towering mountains of the Picos de Europa, the largest single mass of mountain limestone in Europe and the only true maritime range on the continent. The contrast of the limestone peaks and valleys dropping to verdant green fields and forests with the blue sea to the north is breathtaking.

Choose between the five-day coastal walk (link to page on coastal walk etc) or two-day inland hike – or combine the two for a week-long slack packing experience with optional lay-over days included.

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BengaAsturias offers both coastal and mountain slack-packing hikes that cater to different tastes and levels of fitness in one of most beautiful regions of Europe. Read more


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The whole idea of ‘Slack-Packing’ is that you don’t have to carry your luggage with you: this is transferred daily to your next hotel or pension. Read more


Your Guide

Matthew Pinker, the face behind BengaAsturias, is a passionate surfer and outdoor’s man and has spent many years exploring the hidden walks and trails. Read more

“We joined Matt’s hiking tour for the second time last year, bringing along some friends and making new ones on the way. We had an absolutely wonderful time, with relaxed hiking, flexible schedule, breathtaking mountains, exquisite coastline and delicious Asturian food. Loved not carrying a heavy pack every day and being able to opt-out for a rest or some sketching when we felt like it. We’ll definitely be back again!”


Matthew is a great guide, with a keen knowledge of the area whether it be for accommodation, those hidden restaurants for locals, or the cider. He has a relaxed, informal style which suited us perfectly.


It was without doubt the very best way to experience a really beautiful part of Spain, and to share the local tradition of walking the Camino pilgrimage route. The mountains were dramatic and grand, the beaches spectacular yet tranquil. The countryside beautiful and peaceful. The walking stages Matthew chose for us were wonderfully scenic, full of local interest, and not over strenuous. His local contacts and friends among the hoteliers and pension-owners provided us with some really memorable, charming overnight stops.


Fantastic! What a beautiful part of the world – I had no idea of this place before coming on a hike with Matthew, who knows the area so well. June 2010 was incredible! I hope to go again in the near future.